Pediatric Care | Free Pediatric Care in Pakistan

Pediatric Care | Free Pediatric Care in Pakistan

Free Pediatric care in Pakistan

A nation’s future depends on its children’s happiness and health. It is heartbreaking to see any kid suffer from a disease or disorder. Pediatric care must be given prime importance to prevent a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness from prevailing in society. While state administrations try their best to provide as much relief as possible, free pediatric care also heavily depends on the kind shoulder lent by NGOs and INGOs. This holds true, especially for developing countries like Pakistan. This article will look at some organizations striving hard to ensure that Pakistani children have access to world-class healthcare facilities.

Transparent Hands

Transparent Hands is a unique organization because it has adopted a new model for providing free surgical and medical care to the underprivileged community of Pakistan. The organization is renowned as one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms in the country. All the donations are utilized in a transparent way to fund the medical and surgical treatments of patients from disadvantaged backgrounds. The non-profit organization also conducts free medical camps on a regular basis in remote areas of Pakistan to ensure that the underprivileged have access to quality health care. Transparent Hands takes the well-being of the country’s little ones very seriously. Thousands of children have been provided with free surgical and medical treatments since 2014. Donors can donate to any campaign or cause that appeals to their hearts via online easy payment methods. Once the donation has been made, the donors can monitor the campaign at every stage and access the patients’ medical reports and hospital bills.

Transparent Hands Is Shaping the Future of Free Healthcare

 Child Life Foundation

Taking care of children is a tough task; add the word sick to that sentence, and it becomes an even tougher job. Providing quality healthcare amenities to sick children belonging to underprivileged families is challenging in Pakistan. Multiple factors like lack of proper logistics, finances, and awareness are the primary reasons behind this. The Child Life Foundation is among those institutes in the country that have realized this issue’s gravity. The organization is trying its best to reach out to the communities that lack access to basic healthcare facilities. It has set up 11 emergency rooms in different cities of the country and runs thirty primary healthcare clinics in different slums of Karachi as well. Compassion and competence are among the core values practiced at the foundation – a desperately needed combination to take care of children in need in Pakistan.

Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation

The Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation is a state-of-the-art medical facility that provides treatments to children suffering from different cardiac diseases, irrespective of their financial status. Apart from serving as a ray of hope for the millions of cardiac patients in Pakistan, the foundation also aims to act as a model institute, for the training of healthcare professionals, increasing awareness about cardiac health, and promoting research on the causes and management of cardiovascular diseases. Lack of awareness is one of the biggest issues in third-world countries, and it is extremely heartening to see that Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation is playing its part in resolving this problem.

Save the Children Pakistan

Save the Children Pakistan’s scope isn’t limited to providing access to quality healthcare services to Pakistani kids. It is an international organization that envisions a world where all children live without fears and lack of resources. The organization has been operational in Pakistan since 1979 and has taken care of millions of children via its health and nutrition programs. The organization operates with a special emphasis on providing healthcare facilities to newborns. Save the Children is globally well known for its ability to reach disadvantaged areas and ensure that underprivileged communities finally have access to amenities that have been missing throughout their lives.

Edhi Foundation

Any debate or discussion about social welfare work in Pakistan is incomplete without mentioning the Edhi foundation. The noble institute has-beens saving the lives of infants in Pakistan for decades now. Their infant care programs are only one stream of the many projects run and managed by the Edhi Foundation. From the baby cradles to the abandoned children’s welfare centers, the foundation has done an excellent job in sharing the burden of childcare in Pakistan. Providing free healthcare to the children in these facilities is one of the most important services provided by the Edhi Foundation. Edhi Foundation is known for providing ambulance services across the country. 

All these organizations are working for noble causes. If you are looking for a way to support free pediatric care in Pakistan, you should consider donating to one of these charity organizations. 

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