Help Muhammad Iqbal to stand back on his Feet

Muhammad Iqbal

Help Muhammad Iqbal to stand back on his Feet

Muhammad Iqbal, an 11-year-old resident of Multan, has faced a tragic twist of fate that has changed the course of his young life. He suffered a traumatic injury to his left foot and leg in a thresher machine accident. The severity of the injury necessitated an amputation below the knee level.

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Give for Jamal’s Left Knee Prosthesis

After losing his leg, Jamal's life took a depressing turn. The loss of his independence and sense of self has left him feeling devastated, enraged, and grieving. Additionally, he finds it difficult to leave the house, which makes him feel confined and alone within its walls

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Help Bilal to Walk Again

Bilal's disability has had a significant impact on both his physical and emotional well-being. He feels like a burden to his family and has lost his self-esteem. He used to be an active member of his family, but now he feels isolated and helpless.

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Help Asif Walk Again

Muhammad Asif, a 20-year-old resident of Lahore, had a tragic accident ten months ago in which his left leg was badly crushed by a truck. He went to a nearby hospital, where the doctor amputated his left leg above the knee.

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Help Muhammad Saleem regain Mobility

Saleem's life has been tragically altered, forever marked by the heart-wrenching amputation of his left leg. Since that fateful moment, he has been navigating a treacherous path filled with immense physical and emotional challenges.

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Nasir Needs an Artificial Arm

Nasir's world was shattered when he tragically lost his right arm. Life changed instantly, and he faced the harsh reality of living with a disability. Everyday tasks became overwhelming challenges, leaving him feeling incomplete and trapped.

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Give for Waheed’s Artificial Leg

Waheed's disability has not only taken a toll on his body, but it has also deeply wounded his spirit. He now feels like a burden to his loved ones and has lost his sense of self-worth. Once an active and cherished member of his family, he now experiences isolation and helplessness.

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Donate for Farooq’s Artificial Leg

After the accident, Muhammad got a prosthetic leg that helped him live a somewhat normal life. But over time, the prosthetic has become old and unreliable due to wear and tear

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Help Saleem Walk Again

Saleem’s life has taken a sad turn after the amputation of his right leg. Since then, he has been living a difficult life. He doesn't want to be a burden to others. He needs your help to acquire a prosthetic leg to lead an independent life.