Give for Shazia’s C-Section


Save Fouzia and her baby

Pregnancy with complications makes it hard for the mother to cherish the experience of childbirth fully. Fouzia has been going through a difficult pregnancy.


Save Babli and her baby

Babli has been connected with Transparent Hands. We urge you to please donate for Babli’s Cesarean Section and save Babli and her baby.

Natasha Naz

Donate for Natasha’s C-Section

A cloud of fear hovers above Natasha’s happy life right now. You can help her shed the worries and fears that occupy her life right now.

uzma bibi pre image

Donate for Uzma’s C-Section

Uzma Bibi is awaiting the birth of her baby. But, she does not have the means to arrange for her C-Section. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Uzma’s C-Section as much as you can.