Rich and Poor – The Basic Difference

Rich and Poor – The Basic Difference

Rich & Poor- The Basic Difference

A person who has been rich and has been poor knows well what is the difference living both the lives. However, it is not necessary for everyone to live both the lives to understand the difference. On the basis of some personal experience as well as analysis of people from both classes of our society here, we are going to present you some major difference between the two living styles. This study can help you understand the differences the riches and poor in any society. Rich and Poor – the Basic Difference

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Growing up as a poor I have always wished to live a life of a Richie. Living to ally my life in the hunt of success, I realized that if you are not living a life of prosperity, you are defiantly living in poverty.  The choice of wealth is what we all want to make. As said by Bill Gate once, “It’s not your fault if you were born poor, but it’s your fault if you die poor.”

If wealth is waiting for you, there is no reason left to live life in poverty.  Wealth is waiting for you and all that you need to do is to make your mind that you want it in your life and just go for it.  I have made struggle in my life, for a long time, with a believe that I will eventually get what I am looking for- the life of a Richie. One can never live a life much different from he or she is living now until they look into the difference between “have” & “have-nots”.

Below are some of the major and most common difference between the rich and the poor:

Cynical & Trusting:

The poor have a physique that makes them look into the weak points of anything around them. They believe that everyone is looking to give them any harm or looking to get their money away from them. While on the other hand rich people are found to be more trusting and with a positive attitude towards things and people around them. They often have a high tendency of trusting people that help them to stay optimistic. They are also open to other people and give them the opportunity to meet them.

Defaulter & successful:

The poor always keep looking for the problems rather than the solutions. They can be seen blaming the society, circumstances, weather, jobs, environment, or government, etc. You can see them with an unending list of excuses to why they are not able to get the success they are looking for. While contradictory to this attitude, the rich people believe that everything happens for a reason and they take direct actions to the make immense things happen.

Assumptions & Questions:

While dealing with the hunt of truth, the poor always dig into assumptions and false perceptions. These people can be found quite away from the facts and are less keen to make a true attempt while they have to deal with what they are looking for. While the rich people are good in making reasonable questions and finding out the facts.

Pointing Preferences:

The poor people always say they or them. They point others as in terms of criticism or for blaming anyone for anything that happens. While the rich one takes the responsibilities of the things no matter if, it is about taking any responsibility or an action. These people are more tend to invest in what they believe in.

Finding Ways:

The poor people look for the price tag and not the quality while buying any product or service. Rather than focusing on what they are willing to buy, they go for what is cheapest on the racks. And thus, they end up using their favorite, never. On the other hand, the rich people always look for the best way to invest it. They look for quality material or service and do not limit themselves to price.  

Besides some of this major difference that can be seen in day-to-day activities of people around us, we look into many other aspects of one’s personality to find their mental approaches. These mental approaches explain to us that the person has a rich mind or a poor one.

But if you are rich by money, keep in mind that there are many poor who need your help to enjoy the basic comforts of life. Do not forget to help them in any way possible. It will give you additional satisfaction to deal with the life.

There are many people around you who are not rich, if you want to be rich, just do the opposite they are doing and soon you will be living a life you want to, by achieving your financial goals.

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