Safest Way To Pay Zakat Online

Safest Way To Pay Zakat Online

Safest Way To Pay Zakat Online

Scammer and bluff masters are so common these days. There are many people who are unaware that their precious and personal assets and information is at stake. Security breaches are very common these days. A person with having a credit card is more at the stake of getting robbed without even knowing it. It is your credit card that is mostly approached to access your personal data and information. In such a situation, it is important to plan about how can you keep your financial information safe. Remember that there is no way you can stop these break-ins. However, there are many ways through which you can keep your funds safe and out of the hands of scammers and thieves. By keeping these ways in your consideration you’ll be able to pay your zakat online:

Pay Zakat Online Through Transparent Hands 

The Credit Card Numbers:

Yes! We are talking about the disposable credit card number. Most of the banks around the world let you make a unique credit card number to make your online purchase or fund transfer. For most online purchasing and transfers, you need not to use this code and if you don’t use it, you are safe. If you are resident of the United States of America and making a transfer from there, remember that if someone uses your card without permission, they have to pay initial 50 dollar as a penalty. It is also important to note that around the world, many card users have zero-liability policies and you do not need to pay a penny as a penalty.

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Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are carrying a safer payment mode and you are not giving any kind of unnecessary information to any organization while making a payment online. This is the most important factor you should should consider if you intend to pay Zakat online.

Choose Genuine Organizations:

When it comes to non-profit or social enterprises, you can find thousands of names in the search list. But, it is not necessary that every person is the genuine person and the amount you pay to them will go towards the right cause. There are a number of fake non-profit organizations that are working only for generating money from the donors and use it for their personal interests rather than helping any needy person. They make fake cases and present them to the world to gain their sympathy and then their money.

How to save yourself from fake people:

To deal with the fake people or organizations, you can ask for the registration number of their organization, their previous records, the number of registered donors on the panel and the projects that prove that the organization is working in the society in the real time. There are a number of organizations like Transparent Hands that are offering a crystal clear procedure to donate Zakat online. Also they are offering you the details of every single penny you have paid in any regard. Such organizations are trustworthy and are safer for you to make an online payment from your account, from any part of the world.

Your Account Activities:

Keep a regular check of your account activities. Online portals these days offer facilities to link up your accounts with a cell phone or different active location that keeps you informed about all the activities of your bank account in time. Even after that, you should make a regular check on your bank account. It is better to occasionally log out of all sessions for safety purposes. This will help you to stay out of any intruder activities.

If you want to utilize your Zakat in a safe way, then donate to Transparent Hands. It lets you donate money online and also update you about where they are spending your money. Donate to Transparent Hands for a safest payment procedure!

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