Abbas’s osteoarthritic knee was replaced

Abbas’s osteoarthritic knee was replaced

osteoarthritic knee

Abbas Khan's Story

Abbas Khan, 65 years old, was suffering from knee joint pain and was diagnosed with bilateral osteoarthritis of the knees. The doctor recommended a knee replacement surgery of the left knee since it was more affected and caused more pain. Abbas was admitted in Irfan General Hospital and his left total knee replacement was performed by Dr. Akhtar Hussain on 28.10.2020. He stayed in the hospital for six days after osteoarthritic knee surgery and was discharged in a stable condition. His post-operative recovery is satisfactory.

Review from Abbas Khan after his osteoarthritic knee surgery

“I had to tolerate excruciating pain in my knee joint as I could not afford the surgery. With your help, I was finally able to have the surgery which was prescribed to me. I feel much better now. My knee has started healing.”– Abbas Khan


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