Abdul Hadi can Hear

Abdul Hadi can Hear

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Abdul Hadi's Story

Abdul Hadi, a four-year-old from, Lahore, as he traverses the realm from silence to the symphony of sound. Born into a world devoid of auditory sensation due to congenital hearing loss, Abdul Hadi’s story evolves from silence to the promise of hearing, fostered by the unwavering support of compassionate donors and medical expertise.

Abdul Hadi’s world was veiled in silence from the moment of his birth, his young life intertwined with congenital hearing loss. Seeking a solution, his family turned to the prospect of cochlear implant surgery. EverCare Hospital became the gateway to this life-transforming surgery on 29 Oct 2023, conducted meticulously by Dr. Imran Saeed. 

The installation of internal implant marked a pivotal milestone in Abdul Hadi’s path towards hearing restoration. Subsequently, after six weeks, the installation of the external implant propelled him into the next phase of the journey of Abdul Hadi towards embracing sound.

Abdul Hadi’s courageous pursuit toward sound stands as a beacon of hope, portraying the resilience and advancement of medical science. The successful installations of both internal and external implants, made possible by the benevolence of supporters and Dr. Imran Saeed’s expertise, signify a breakthrough for Abdul Hadi. With the continuity of speech therapy sessions, Abdul Hadi is on the precipice of fully embracing the world of sound, breaking free from the confines of silence, and entering a realm enriched with communication, learning, and boundless opportunities.


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