Ahmed Has Overcomes His Silence

Ahmed Has Overcomes His Silence


Ahmed Asad's Story

Ahmed Asad, a two-year-old from Dadu, Sindh, lives in a world of silence due to congenital sensorineural hearing loss. Unable to hear his parents’ voices or engage with the vibrant world around him, Ahmed’s parents sought help and hope for their beloved son. After consultations and examinations, the doctors recommended a life-changing solution: cochlear implant surgery. However, financial instability burdened Ahmed’s father, making it impossible to afford the expenses for the surgical intervention that could give his son the gift of hearing.

Faced with despair, Ahmed’s parents turned to Transparent Hands, seeking a glimmer of hope for their precious son. Thanks to the donors, Ahmed’s journey towards rediscovering the joy of hearing began. We facilitated his admission to GIMS Hospital in Gambat, where the skilled surgeon, Dr. Maqbool, performed the intricate procedure to implant the internal component of the cochlear device on March 23, 2024.

The successful implantation of the internal component marked a significant milestone in Ahmed’s hearing restoration journey. After just two days, he was discharged from the hospital, filled with renewed hope and possibilities. Over the next six weeks, the external component of the cochlear implant was carefully installed, paving the way for ongoing speech therapy sessions. These sessions played a crucial role in helping Ahmed perceive and process sounds, supporting his language and communication development.

With the cochlear implant in place, Ahmed now experiences the joy of actively engaging in conversations and participating in social gatherings. His newfound ability to hear has profoundly impacted his life, enabling him to fully immerse himself in the world around him.The success of Ahmed’s cochlear implant surgery and his remarkable progress are a testament to the immeasurable contributions and unwavering support of the generous donors who made this life-transforming surgery financially feasible for Ahmed and his family. Their compassion has opened doors to a world of sound and possibilities, giving Ahmed the chance to embrace the joys of childhood and connect with his loved ones in profound ways.


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