Aina Gains the Ability to Hear

Aina Gains the Ability to Hear

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Aina Atta-Ur-Rehman's Story

Four-year-old Aina, a resident of Lakki Marwat, had been suffering from congenital sensorineural hearing loss since birth. Her parents noticed that she wasn’t responding to their voices, and after several tests, Aina was diagnosed with sensorineural deafness. The doctor advised her to undergo cochlear implant surgery – a groundbreaking procedure that has the power to transform her life. 

Aina and her family were heartbroken that she would spend the rest of her life in silence as they could not afford the surgical expenses. In their desperate search for help, they turned to Transparent Hands, where the power of collective compassion became their lifeline. The gift of sound was priceless, and all the donors gave it to Aina through cochlear implant surgery.

Aina was admitted to Ali Medical Centre, Islamabad where Dr. Jawwad skillfully performed the cochlear implant surgery on 6-07-2023. With precision and skill, the doctor implanted the internal component, marking a significant milestone in her path toward restoring her hearing. After merely one day in the hospital, she was discharged, her spirits uplifted by a newfound hope.

Yet, the journey to complete hearing restoration remained incomplete. Several weeks later, the external component of the cochlear implant was also fixed, unlocking a doorway to a world of auditory experiences. A fresh dimension of life unveiled itself as she encountered the elegance and intricacies of speech for the very first time.

Guided by dedicated speech therapists, she is learning new words to have a command of language and communication skill development, utilizing speech therapy sessions. Facilitated by the cochlear implant as a conduit to the auditory world, she embraced boundless prospects for learning, social engagement, and gaining self-confidence through the power of words. 

The surgery had a huge impact, and her family couldn’t afford it. People like you donated, making the life-changing surgery possible. Your help gave her the ability to hear, which will affect her life greatly. Your support started a chain reaction that will make a difference in her future. Now, she can hear and it’s boosting her confidence.


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