Aiza Hashmi Was Overjoyed to Receive Gift of Hearing

Aiza Hashmi Was Overjoyed to Receive Gift of Hearing

Syeda Aiza Hashmi's Story

Syeda Aiza Hashmi, a bright and resilient 3-year-old girl, calls Karachi her home. From the moment she entered this world, Aiza faced the daunting challenge of hearing loss. Her parents discovered her impairment when she was just a year old, and they embarked on a journey to find the best solution for their beloved daughter.

After undergoing extensive diagnostic tests, Aiza’s doctors recommended cochlear implant surgery as the most effective treatment. However, the financial burden weighed heavily on her family, who were already facing various financial difficulties. Despite their hardships, they refused to give up on their daughter’s chance to experience the world of sound.

In a heartwarming turn of events, the kindness and generosity of many individuals shone through. Aiza’s journey towards hearing began when she was admitted to Evercare Hospital in Lahore. The skilled surgeon, Dr. Maqbool Ahmed, performed the cochlear implant surgery on April 6, 2024. Only two days later, Aiza was discharged from the hospital, her heart filled with renewed hope and her family by her side.

Over the following six weeks, Aiza underwent the installation of the external implant. Alongside this crucial step, she engaged in scheduled speech therapy sessions, which held the promise of unlocking the wonders of sound once more. The joy in Aiza’s parents’ hearts knew no bounds as they witnessed their little girl’s miraculous transformation. Aiza’s eyes sparkled with joy as she heard the laughter of her family, the melodious chirping of birds, and the rhythmic melodies of music. It was as if a whole new world had opened up before her eager eyes.

Supported by dedicated professionals and surrounded by the unwavering love of her family, Aiza’s journey of learning new words and discovering the intricacies of language and communication continued. With each passing day, she took small but significant steps toward mastering the art of expressing herself.

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