Alam Zaib’s Prosthetic Hand was fixed

Alam Zaib’s Prosthetic Hand was fixed

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Alam Zaib's Story

Alam Zaib, a 42-year-old resident of Mansehra, experienced a sad incident while working in the corn fields six years ago. His left-hand fingers were stuck inside the corn cutter machine. He was taken to the emergency ward for first aid, but the doctors could not save the fingers of his hand. They had to amputate the crushed fingers. The doctor advised him to get a left-zipped glove. Alam Zaib could not afford it due to financial constraints. Someone told him about Transparent Hands and Hope Rehabilitation Center, and he reached out to us for help.

We registered his case, and his artificial hand was fixed on 10-04-2023 under the supervision of Dr. Khalid. Your donations made it possible for us to improve the quality of his life.


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