Ali Rehman’s Heart Has Been Saved

Ali Rehman’s Heart Has Been Saved

Ali rehmaan

Ali Rehman's Story

Ali Rehman, a brave five-year-old boy from Sargodha was suffering from cyanosis and shortness of breath since birth. He was taken to several local hospitals where he was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) – a congenital heart disease. Ali was advised to undergo Open Heart Surgery for total correction. For this purpose, Ali Rehman was admitted to the University of Lahore Teaching Hospital, Lahore. His open heart surgery was successfully performed by Dr. Salman Shah on 17-12-21. He was kept in ICU for strict observation until he was seen recovering well. Four days later, he was discharged in satisfactory condition. We were able to get this procedure done with the help of the Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation (PCHF). After being taken care of at home, Ali’s health has evidently improved and he looks forward to a healthy future.


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