Amjad got his new prosthetic hand!

Amjad got his new prosthetic hand!

Muhammad Amjad

Muhammad Amjad's Story

Muhammad Amjad, 38 years old, had an unfortunate accident fifteen years ago when he sustained an injury on his left arm while using the fodder cutting machine. He was taken to the hospital and his arm had to be amputated below the elbow. This caused a huge setback in his work as his efficiency decreased because of the loss of his arm. The doctors recommended an artificial arm with hand for him. Initially, an acquaintance arranged for the artificial arm for him. This arm got worn out later on. Due to which, Amjad needed a replacement. His second artificial arm was arranged by HOPE Rehabilitation Center. Muhammad Amjad’s new below elbow prosthesis was fixed by Dr. Khalid Niaz Niazi on 29.12.2020. It has enabled him in management of his daily life activities and helped him become more independent.

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