Amna Bibi Got an Artificial Leg

Amna Bibi Got an Artificial Leg

Amna Bibi

Amna Bibi's Story

Amna Bibi, a resilient 65-year-old resident of Lahore, has faced overwhelming challenges throughout her life. Living in a modest house with her husband and four children, their financial stability heavily relies on her husband’s monthly income of 65,000 PKR. However, tragedy struck when Amna Bibi had to undergo a below-the-knee amputation of her left leg due to complications from diabetes.

The loss of her leg left Amna Bibi feeling helpless and dependent on others for even the simplest tasks. She yearned to regain her independence, dreaming of walking again and reclaiming her life. However, the high cost of an artificial leg seemed insurmountable, shattering her hopes and leaving her in despair.

In her desperate search for support, Amna Bibi’s prayers were answered when she discovered Transparent Hands. With unwavering determination, we took up her case and committed to providing her with the prosthetic leg she so desperately needed.

Thanks to the incredible support and kindness of generous donors, Amna Bibi’s journey took a positive turn. On March 4, 2024, her leg was successfully fitted with an artificial limb at the Hope Rehabilitation Centre, under the expert supervision of Dr. Khalid Niaz. Overwhelmed with gratitude, she expressed heartfelt appreciation to Transparent Hands for their invaluable assistance throughout her challenging path to recovery.

The provision of a prosthetic leg became a transformative turning point in Amna Bibi’s life. It not only restored her mobility and independence but also instilled in her a renewed sense of confidence and freedom. The impact of Transparent Hands extended far beyond the physical aspect, revitalizing her self-worth and infusing her with optimism. With newfound determination, she embraced life’s challenges with resilience and a positive outlook. Your support has provided her with more than just a prosthetic leg; it has offered hope, empowerment, and a chance for Amna Bibi to rebuild her life on her terms.

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