Amna’s Hearing Restoration

Amna’s Hearing Restoration

Amna Bibi's Story

Amna, a joyful 3-year-old from Dadu, has faced a silent world since birth due to her hearing impairment. It wasn’t until her first birthday that her parents realized something was amiss and sought medical help. The doctor recommended a hearing device, but financial constraints barred Amna’s family from accessing it. As time passed, the doctor advised cochlear implant surgery, a daunting prospect given their financial situation.

In a stroke of fortune, Transparent Hands learned of Amna’s plight and extended a helping hand. They facilitated her admission to GIMS Hospital, Gambat, where Dr. Maqbool performed the surgery on January 11, 2024. Just a day later, Amna left the hospital, her world infused with newfound hope.

Yet, the journey had only begun. In the following weeks, Amna awaited the completion of her cochlear implant setup, followed by vital speech therapy sessions. These sessions would empower her to grasp the nuances of sound, enabling her to communicate and navigate the world around her more effectively.For Amna’s family, gratitude overflowed towards Transparent Hands and the compassionate donors who fueled Amna’s transformation. They understood that while the surgery marked a significant milestone, the real victory lay in the promise of Amna’s future. Through the generosity of others, Amna now had the opportunity to embrace a world filled with the beauty of sound and endless possibilities.

Amna’s family knows Amna’s journey to better hearing is just starting, but they’re hopeful for a future where she can enjoy all the sounds around her. In every way, Amna’s story symbolized resilience, hope, and the transformative power of community support. It served as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, compassion and kindness could illuminate the darkest of paths, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.


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