Anaya Saneel’s contracture

Anaya Saneel’s contracture

Anaya Suneel

Anaya Suneel's Story

Anaya Saneel, aged four years, a resident of Lahore, accidentally spilt hot milk on herself. Consequently, she suffered from third-degree burns involving her chest and shoulder area. Over the next few weeks, the doctors changed her dressings multiple times and waited for the wound to dry out. Due to the lack of physiotherapy, she developed postburn axillary contracture which limited her range of movements. She was evaluated and the doctor advised her to undergo contracture release and injections therapy for post burn scar.

For this purpose, Anaya was admitted to Lahore Care Hospital where her surgery was performed by Dr. Imran Shehzad on 06.05.2021. This plastic surgery will not only help to restore her shoulder movements but, it will also relieve Anaya of her burn marks due to lost skin. After three days of hospital stay, she was discharged in a stable condition.


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