Aneela’s Pyeloplasty Was Successfull

Aneela’s Pyeloplasty Was Successfull

Aneela Pyeloplasty

Aneela Nadeem's Story

Four-year-old Aneela, a resident of Hyderabad, was suffering from abdominal pain. When her pain became unbearable, she was taken to a local hospital where, after going through multiple diagnostic tests, she was diagnosed with a left Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction. After she was diagnosed, the doctor advised her to undergo Pyeloplasty. Since Aneela’s family could not afford the process, they reached out to Transparent Hands for help. Hence, she was sent to Isra University Hospital to get her Pyeloplasty done by Dr. Rajab Ali on 15-02-2022. Her surgery was performed successfully and she was discharged after three days of hospital stay. Aneela looks forward to a pain-free future now.

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