Ansar Bravely Fought Against Cancer

Ansar Bravely Fought Against Cancer

Muhammad Ansar

Muhammad Ansar's Story

Muhammad Ansar, a 46-year-old resident of Lahore faced a big health challenge. Over the past two years, he had been grappling with a persistent ulcer on the left lateral border of his tongue that gradually increased in size. Concerned about this bothersome growth, Muhammad Ansar sought medical assistance and underwent an incisional biopsy on October 20, 2023. The results brought devastating news: a histopathological report confirmed that Ansar had been diagnosed with well-differentiated squamous carcinoma of the tongue, a form of oral cancer. The doctor recommended two essential surgeries: tumor resection and neck dissection. However, the weight of his responsibilities compounded with the financial burden, leaving Ansar unable to afford the expenses associated with the necessary surgical treatment.

Realizing the urgency of his situation, Muhammad Ansar turned to Transparent Hands. Recognizing the critical nature of his condition, Transparent Hands swiftly mobilized its resources, launching a campaign to raise funds for Ansar’s crucial surgeries. The collective efforts of compassionate individuals and donors were instrumental in securing the necessary financial support.

Ansar’s journey to recovery began when he was admitted to CMH Lahore Medical College & Institute of Dentistry, where Dr. Asad Aizaz, a skilled surgeon, performed the much-needed operation on 1-11-2023. After two days of attentive care and monitoring, Muhammad Ansar was discharged, showing positive signs of recovery.

The impact of the surgery was profound for Muhammad Ansar. The tumor resection and neck dissection successfully addressed his oral cancer, offering him a chance at a healthier and cancer-free future. With the weight of financial constraints lifted, Ansar could focus on his recovery, knowing that he had the support and compassion of Transparent Hands and its generous donors. Their swift response and financial assistance not only made the surgeries possible but also provided him with a renewed sense of energy to lead a healthy life. 

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