Ansar Fistulectomy was Successful

Ansar Fistulectomy was Successful

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Ansar Bashir 's Story

Ansar, a 27-year-old resident of Mianwali, had been suffering from pain and swelling surrounding his anal area. For a year, he had endured the torment of redness, soreness, and relentless itching of the skin around the anal opening. Seeking solace, he visited a general surgeon, who confirmed his fears of having a perianal fistula. The doctor shared the gravity of the situation, emphasizing the need for diagnostic tests to confirm the diagnosis. After careful evaluation, the doctor advised him to undergo a fistulectomy, a surgical procedure to treat the condition. With his family of six members relying on him, the burden of financial hardships had made it impossible for him to afford the surgery he urgently needed. During this critical time, he contacted Transparent Hands for financial assistance and we promised him to raise funds for his surgery. This brought a glimmer of hope into Ansar’s life.

He was admitted to Lahore Care Hospital, where his operation was performed by Dr. Ahmed Fawad on 8-06-2023. He was discharged after one day of hospitalization and was allowed to go home. He felt thankful to all the kind people who helped him with the money he needed for the surgery.

Now, Ansar’s life is much better. He doesn’t have the pain, swelling, and itching anymore. He knows that his surgery was possible because of the many donors who came together to help him. Ansar’s story teaches us that even in tough times, there can be help and hope from unexpected places.

Filled with gratitude, Ansar’s heart overflows. The burden of pain has lifted, and he can now enjoy a life free from discomfort. Everyday tasks are no longer a struggle, and he can fully participate in his family’s activities. The kindness of donors and the surgery’s success have transformed his life in ways he couldn’t have imagined.


Donated: $ 129.86

 Muhammad Tahir Jamal

Donated: $ 50

 Madihullah Riaz

Donated: $ 50


Donated: $ 25

 Nouman Haq

Donated: $ 24.09

 Muhammad Ali

Donated: $ 5

 Syeda Beena Butool

Donated: $ 3


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Total Funds

$ 287.30

Funds Raised

$ 287.30
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$ 287.30 Raised

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