Asia’s uterine prolapse was fixed surgically

Asia’s uterine prolapse was fixed surgically

Asia Idrees

Asia Idrees's Story

Asia Idrees, 38 years old, had a lump protruding out of her genital tract. On medical consultation, this condition was identified as uterine (UV) prolapse. Her gynaecologist advised fixation surgery for her prolapsed uterus. For this purpose, Asia was admitted in Akram Medical Complex and her laparotomy was performed by Dr. Asia Nasir on 06.01.2021. She was found to have multiple fibroids in her uterus which were the cause of her prolapse. Her fibroids were removed (myomectomy). She stayed in the hospital for two days and was discharged in a stable condition. After taking ample bed rest, Asia has now recovered from her surgery and performs her household chores without any problem.

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