Asif Got His Prosthetic Arm

Asif Got His Prosthetic Arm

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Muhammad Asif 's Story

Muhammad Asif, a 25-year-old resident of Lahore, experienced a severe electrical shock three months ago, resulting in significant damage to his arm. He was immediately taken to the emergency room where he received prompt medical attention. Unfortunately, his arm developed gangrene and became mummified, leaving the doctors with no choice but to amputate it. Following the amputation, the doctors recommended Asif get an artificial arm. However, the cost of such a prosthesis was beyond his financial means. He reached out to Transparent Hands for financial support. We promptly registered his case and took the necessary steps to help him. Asif was referred to the Hope Rehabilitation Centre, where he received specialized care under the supervision of Dr. Khalid.

Thanks to the generous donations received, we were able to provide him with a new artificial arm on 28-04-2023.  Your support made it possible for Asif to regain a sense of normalcy and restored his confidence.

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