Atta Muhammad’s Ureteric Stones were Removed

Atta Muhammad’s Ureteric Stones were Removed

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Atta Muhammad 's Story

Atta Muhammad, a 32-year-old resident of Badin, Sindh, has been experiencing pain, bleeding, and stickiness while passing urine. He went to a local hospital for an evaluation and the doctor diagnosed him with a right-sided ureteral stone. Atta Muhammad was advised to undergo ureterorenoscopy (URS) and removal of the stones. This procedure involves using a small camera and specialized tools to remove stones from the urinary tract. Thanks to the skilled hands of Dr. Rajab Ali, Atta Muhammad’s operation was a success, and he was able to have a DJ stent inserted as part of the procedure to be removed later on.

Following his surgery, Atta was discharged from the hospital after a three-day stay. He is now feeling better and experiencing relief from the pain, bleeding, and stickiness he previously felt while passing urine.

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