Baby Tayyaba Receives the Gift of Hearing

Baby Tayyaba Receives the Gift of Hearing

Baby Tayyaba's Story

A three-year-old girl named Baby Tayyaba from Larkana, Sindh, has faced the silent world of sensorineural hearing loss since her birth. Her parents, deeply concerned by her lack of response to their calls, sought medical advice, which led to the heartbreaking diagnosis of sensorineural hearing loss. The recommended solution, cochlear implant surgery, held the promise of reviving her auditory senses and granting her the precious gift of hearing.

Yet, Baby Tayyaba’s family was burdened by the weight of financial strain, leaving them with little hope of affording the life-changing surgery their daughter desperately needed. Limited resources cast a shadow of uncertainty over their lives, hindering their ability to improve Baby Tayyaba’s condition and offer her a brighter future. In this time of desperation, they turned to Transparent Hands, their beacon of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

With the unwavering support of compassionate donors, Baby Tayyaba’s world is filled with sound. We facilitated her admission to GIMS Hospital in Gambat, where the skilled surgeon, Dr. Maqbool, performed the intricate procedure to install the internal component of the cochlear implant on March 24, 2024. Just two days later, Baby Tayyaba was discharged from the hospital, her heart brimming with newfound hope and anticipation.

For the following six weeks, Transparent Hands continued to walk alongside Baby Tayyaba and her family. The external implant was successfully installed, accompanied by carefully scheduled speech therapy sessions designed to unlock the wonders of sound once more.

As Baby Tayyaba’s parents witnessed her remarkable transformation, their hearts overflowed with joy. Her eyes sparkled with newfound wonder as she experienced the symphony of life around her—the laughter of her beloved family, the melodious chirping of birds, and the rhythmic melodies of music. It was as if a completely new world had opened up before her, painting her days with vibrant hues of happiness and connection.


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