Bilal’s Arm Shape was Restored

Bilal’s Arm Shape was Restored

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Muhammad Bilal's Story

Muhammad Bilal, a 27-year-old resident of Vehari, experienced a life-altering incident when he sustained a severe leg injury in a traffic accident two years ago. Immediately after the accident, Bilal was rushed to a local hospital’s emergency room, where he received initial first-aid treatment. Unfortunately, the extent of his leg injury was such that amputation was deemed necessary. Despite the efforts of the medical professionals, Bilal’s left leg could not be saved, leaving him with a permanent disability.

The loss of his leg had a profound impact on Bilal, both physically and emotionally. He went from being an active member of his family to feeling like a burden on them. His self-esteem suffered greatly, and he experienced a sense of isolation and helplessness. Previously able to contribute to the family’s well-being through work, Bilal’s disability made it difficult for him to earn a living and support his family financially.

In his desperate circumstances, Bilal sought assistance from Transparent Hands, in need of medical intervention. With six members in his joint family and limited financial resources, Bilal’s case was taken up by Transparent Hands. Through the support of their compassionate donors, the funds necessary for Bilal’s left below-knee amputation were raised.

Under the expert supervision of Dr. Khalid Niazi at the Hope Rehabilitation Center, Bilal underwent the amputation procedure on the 23rd of September 2023. This transformative procedure not only restored Bilal’s physical mobility but also alleviated the emotional distress he had been enduring. With his new prosthetic leg, Bilal felt a renewed sense of strength, stability, and self-esteem. He regained his confidence in interacting with others and no longer felt excluded or isolated.

Bilal is immensely grateful to the kind-hearted donors and Transparent Hands for their unwavering support in helping him regain his mobility and independence. He acknowledges that without their generosity, obtaining the necessary funds for the amputation procedure would have been impossible.

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