Celebrating the Success of Muhammad Ahmed: Your Donations Saved a Life!

Celebrating the Success of Muhammad Ahmed: Your Donations Saved a Life!

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Muhammad Ahmed's Story

We are delighted to share the heartwarming success story of Muhammad Ahmed, a 14-year-old resident of Lahore, who has conquered his life-threatening heart condition, thanks to your generous donations and unwavering support. Since birth, Muhammad Ahmed had been battling severe challenges, including shortness of breath, cyanosis, and recurring chest pain. His parents, deeply concerned about his health, sought medical assistance and received a devastating diagnosis. Ahmed was found to have severe aortic stenosis (AS), moderate aortic valve regurgitation (AR), and left ventricular hypertrophy. The only hope for his improved quality of life was through Aortic Valve Replacement surgery.

Faced with the overwhelming financial burden of the surgery, Ahmed’s family reached out to Transparent Hands, an organization committed to providing medical aid to those in need. Through your compassionate contributions, Transparent Hands made it possible for Ahmed to receive the life-saving surgery he desperately required. Transparent Hands need your online donations to help patients like Ahmed.

On March 2, 2023, Ahmed was admitted to Ittefaq Hospital in Lahore, under the care of Dr. Asim. The highly skilled medical team performed the critical Aortic Valve Replacement surgery with utmost precision. Ahmed’s surgery was a success, and he remained in the hospital for seven days to receive comprehensive post-operative care.

We are thrilled to announce that Muhammad Ahmed has emerged victorious in his battle against his heart condition. Your generous donations and unwavering support have not only saved his life but also granted him the opportunity to breathe freely, engage in activities without limitations, and envision a future filled with hope. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who contributed to this journey. Your kindness and generosity have made an incredible impact, allowing Ahmed’s family to afford the costly surgery and ensure their son’s well-being. Together, we have proven that unity and compassion can transform lives.

Thank you to PCHF, Mohammad Arshad,  Omar Durani, and all the other donors who generously contributed to this cause. Your compassion has provided Muhammad Ahmed with the breath of hope he so desperately needed, enabling him to triumph over his heart condition and embrace a brighter future.


Donated: $ 1,606.60


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 Mohammed Arshad

Donated: $ 284.75

 Omar Durani

Donated: $ 250

 Afrin Ahmed

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 Madihullah Riaz

Donated: $ 150

 Hussain Manji

Donated: $ 150


Donated: $ 130.93

 Adil Siddiqui

Donated: $ 100

 Kashif Khan

Donated: $ 50

 Saik Kader

Donated: $ 50

 Hassan Amin

Donated: $ 50


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 Amira Malik

Donated: $ 25

 Anbrein Sofia Bashir

Donated: $ 10

 Raheel Anwer

Donated: $ 8.79


Donated: $ 8.79

 Sumiya Zaka

Donated: $ 8.73

 Aqeel Mohamed Abdullah Ghuloom

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