Cochlear implant surgery of Yumna was successful

Cochlear implant surgery of Yumna was successful


Yumna Bibi's Story

Five-year-old Yumna Bibi, a resident of Peshawar, had been unable to hear since birth. When her parents noticed that she was not responding to sounds, they took her to a doctor. The doctor advised them to get her a hearing aid, but they could not afford to pay for it due to financial constraints. Upon another consultation, she was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss. The doctor told them that she needs to undergo cochlear implant surgery. Therefore, she was referred to Ali Medical Centre, Islamabad, and the cochlear implant was installed in her right ear by Dr. Jawwad Ahmed on 17.06.2022. She was discharged after one day of hospital stay. However, this was not the end of her procedure. The doctor asked them to bring Yumna for a follow-up visit after six weeks for the placement of the external component of the device.


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