Cochlear Implant Surgery Transforms Urwa’s Life

Cochlear Implant Surgery Transforms Urwa’s Life

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Urwa Bibi's Story

Urwa, a vibrant 5-year-old from Dera Ismail Khan, embarked on a journey shrouded in silence from the moment she came into the world. From her earliest days, her parents grappled with the challenges presented by her hearing impairment, unable to afford the hearing device recommended by the doctor when it was first diagnosed at the tender age of one.

Amidst the trials of their circumstances, Transparent Hands emerged as a guiding light, offering a lifeline to Urwa and her family. Despite the financial barriers that loomed large, hope flickered anew when the doctor prescribed a cochlear implant as the beacon to illuminate Urwa’s silent path.

Under the skilled hands of Dr. Maqbool at GIMS Hospital, Gambat, Urwa’s journey toward auditory restoration commenced on January 10, 2024. With deft precision, the surgical team implanted the device that promised to awaken her to the symphony of sound that had long eluded her.

Two days later, Urwa emerged from the hospital, her spirit lifted by the whispers of a world now tinged with the vibrancy of sound. However, her transformation had only just begun. In two short weeks, the external device for her cochlear implant would be installed, marking yet another milestone in her life to gain the auditory skill.

But the melody of Urwa’s transformation does not end here. Beyond the surgical intervention lies a series of speech therapies that will enable her to fully embrace the world and seize its myriad opportunities. With each session, she will learn the skills of effective conversation, unlocking the doors to a world rich with possibility and connection.

To Transparent Hands and the generous donors who paved the way for Urwa’s metamorphosis, her family extends their heartfelt gratitude. In their collective generosity lies the promise of a brighter future, where Urwa’s dreams can flourish amidst the symphony of sound that now surrounds her.


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