Sonia is now free from all her painful symptoms

Sonia is now free from all her painful symptoms

Sonia Zakia's Story

Sonia arrived at Zainab Memorial Hospital along with her mother on the 23rd of August. She was in extreme pain at the moment because of her inflamed appendix and was taken in the surgery room straight away. The CEO of Transparent Hands was contacted by the hospital at the same moment and she arranged the funds for Sonia’s surgery while Dr. Ejaz had Sonia’s appendix successfully removed. Transparent Hands introduced themselves to Sonia the day after her surgery and interviewed her mother while Sonia was at rest. “It has been 3 days since she started yelling about her pain. I did not know what to do. We were lucky that our friend suggested us to go to Zainab Hospital. My child sleeps peacefully now, thanks to the doctor and you”. Sonia was discharged on 25th of August. We wish her good luck!

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