Farhan’s Open-Heart Surgery was Successful

Farhan’s Open-Heart Surgery was Successful

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Muhammad Farhan's Story

Farhan, a courageous 11-year-old boy residing in Multan, had faced numerous health challenges since he was just a month old. His parents noticed troubling symptoms such as difficulty breathing, bluish discoloration, recurrent fevers, and episodes of chest pain. Concerned for their son’s well-being, they sought medical help at a local hospital, where a cardiologist conducted diagnostic tests and made a complex diagnosis.

Farhan was diagnosed with a medical condition known as transposition of the great arteries (TGA), accompanied by pulmonary valve stenosis and a ventricular septal defect (VSD). The cardiologist recommended an essential surgical procedure called the Rastelli procedure, which was performed on Farhan during his early childhood. However, upon reevaluation, it was determined that Farhan is currently experiencing a severe form of conduit stenosis. As a result, the cardiac surgeon has advised conducting an angiography procedure followed by subsequent open heart surgery in order to address his condition.

However, the cost of the surgery was beyond the means of Farhan’s family, leaving them in a state of distress. In their time of need, Farhan’s family turned to Transparent Hands, and we recognized the urgency of Farhan’s situation and stepped in to help.

With our support, Farhan was admitted to Ittefaq Hospital, where a team of skilled medical professionals prepared for the complex procedure. He was admitted to the Ittefaq Hospital where the operation for redo median sternotomy and implantation of RV to PA conduit was performed by Dr. Asim Khan on 1-08-2023. The medical team provided exceptional care, ensuring Farhan’s safety and comfort throughout the procedure.

Following the successful operation, Farhan’s recovery progressed remarkably well. After a four-day stay in the hospital, he was discharged, with the beginning of a new chapter in his life. The symptoms that had burdened him for so long were finally alleviated, and a sense of relief washed over both Farhan and his family.

Together, the Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation and other compassionate donors made this surgery a possibility. Their financial support enabled Farhan to receive the critical surgery he desperately needed.

Farhan and his family express their deepest gratitude to all the donors who selflessly contributed to his treatment. Your kindness has changed Farhan’s life, empowering him to pursue a healthier and happier future. 


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