Farzana’s gallbladder was removed

Farzana’s gallbladder was removed

Farzana’s gallbladder

Farzana Riaz's Story

Farzana Riaz, aged 35 years, suffered from intense pain on the right side of her abdomen for the last three months. She also developed complete intolerance for fatty foods. Along with these symptoms, she was previously being treated with lithotripsy for bilateral renal stones. Initially, she ignored her symptoms but as they aggravated, she was left with no option but to seek medical consultation. She consulted multiple physicians and on complete workup, she was diagnosed with symptomatic gallstones. The doctor advised surgical treatment for her. For this purpose, Farzana was admitted to Lahore Care Hospital and her laparoscopic cholecystectomy was performed by Dr. Ahmed Fawad on 08.06.2021. Her gallbladder was removed through a non-invasive procedure. Farzana had to stay in the hospital for one day and she was discharged in a stable condition. Her frequent episodes of sharp abdominal pain have ended since she had the surgery.


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