Fauzia’s hernia was repaired

Fauzia’s hernia was repaired

Fauzia Bibi

Fauzia Bibi's Story

Fauzia Bibi, aged 33 years, had swelling in her navel area that caused pain intermittently. The area remained tender. When she could not bear the discomfort anymore, she decided to consult a doctor. After a thorough investigation, she was diagnosed with paraumbilical hernia. The surgeon advised a mesh hernioplasty for her. For this reason, Fauzia was admitted to Abid Hospital and her surgery was conducted by Dr. Adnan Ahmad Raza on 30.05.2021. Fauzia’s hernia was fixed. She stayed in the hospital for two days and was discharged in a stable condition. Fauzia’s post-surgery recovery was splendid. She feels better already.


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