Fizza Imran got a Hearing Gift

Fizza Imran got a Hearing Gift

Fizza Imran

Fizza Imran's Story

Fizza Imran, a courageous three-year-old from Rawalpindi, has confronted a world of silence since her birth. Her resilience in the face of a lifelong hearing challenge has been an inspiration.

Her quest for sound began at Ali Medical Complex, Islamabad, where she was admitted on September 4, 2023. On that very day, Dr. Jawwad Ahmed, a skilled surgeon, conducted the pivotal surgery, successfully implanting the internal component.

A swift recovery led to Fizza’s discharge from the hospital on September 5, 2023, initiating the transformative phase of her journey. Following a waiting period of six weeks, the external implant was meticulously installed, setting the stage for ongoing speech therapy sessions to nurture her auditory capabilities.

Fizza’s determination, coupled with Dr. Jawwad Ahmed’s expertise and comprehensive post-operative speech therapy, paints a promising picture for her auditory development. Her story epitomizes resilience and the profound impact of medical advancements in bestowing the invaluable gift of hearing.

With each session of therapy, Fizza edges closer to embracing the symphony of sounds, illuminating a path toward a future

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