Haider Musa had a successful TOF repair

Haider Musa had a successful TOF repair

Haider Musa

Haider Musa's Story

In the small town of Layyah, a two-year-old boy named Haider Musa struggled with the debilitating symptoms of shortness of breath and cyanosis. Concerned about their son’s deteriorating health, Haider’s parents took him to the local hospital when he was just one year old. After a series of evaluations and diagnostic tests, a cardiologist delivered a heartbreaking diagnosis: Haider had Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), a complex congenital heart condition characterized by four heart defects that disrupt the normal flow of blood. Haider’s road to recovery necessitated total correction surgery.

The gravity of the situation weighed heavily on Haider’s parents, as the cost of the life-saving surgery far surpassed their financial means. In their desperate search for assistance, they turned to Transparent Hands, an organization renowned for providing medical aid to those in need. Haider’s case was swiftly registered, and his family clung to the hope that a helping hand would reach them in their time of need.

Transparent Hands understood the urgency of Haider’s situation and the immense burden carried by his family. Through their dedicated efforts and the generosity of compassionate donors, they ensured that Haider’s journey to a healthy heart would not be hindered by financial constraints. These acts of kindness became a ray of hope for a family on the brink of despair.

The path led Haider and his family to Ittefaq Hospital in Lahore, where Dr. Asim Khan, a skilled and compassionate cardiac surgeon, awaited. On November 1, 2023, Haider was admitted to the hospital, prepared for the life-changing surgery ahead. Under the expert hands of Dr. Khan, the total correction procedure was successfully performed, marking a pivotal moment in Haider’s battle against TOF. 

Haider’s hospital stay lasted eight days, during which he received exceptional care and support from the dedicated staff at Ittefaq Hospital. Their unwavering commitment to Haider’s well-being played a crucial role in his comfort and healing process.

Haider’s family will forever be grateful for the incredible support they received from Transparent Hands, Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation, and the compassionate donors who exemplified the extraordinary power of unity and empathy. 


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