Hajra’s cardiac defect was corrected

Hajra’s cardiac defect was corrected

Hajra Iqbal

Hajra Iqbal's Story

Hajra Iqbal, 3.5 years old, suffered from breathlessness and repeated episodes of chest infection since she was born. On medical consultation, she was diagnosed with a condition called Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). The doctor advised a procedure called device occlusion of PDA for the correction of the congenital heart defect. For this reason, Hajra was admitted in Ittefaq Hospital and the procedure was performed by Dr. Syed Najam Hyder on 23.12.2020. She stayed in the hospital for one day and was discharged in a satisfactory condition. Hajra has recovered quickly after her cardiac procedure. The surgery was conducted with the support of Pakistan Children Heart foundation and other donors. 


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