Hania Fayaz Rediscovered Sound

Hania Fayaz Rediscovered Sound

Hania Fayyaz

Hania Fayyaz's Story

At a tender age of two, Hania Fayaz from Rawalpindi embarked on an extraordinary journey—one that transcended the silence she was born into, leading her toward the symphony of sound. Her story is a testament to her unwavering determination, medical expertise, and the profound impact of compassionate donors.

Admitted to Ali Medical Complex in Islamabad on November 2, 2023, Hania underwent a life-changing Cochlear Implant Surgery under the skilled hands of renowned surgeon Dr. Jawwad Ahmed. The use of the Cochlear Implant during the operation marked a pivotal step in Hania’s pursuit of hearing restoration.

The surgery, conducted on the same day as admission, was a crucial milestone in Hania’s life. Miraculously, by November 3, 2023, she was discharged in a satisfactory condition, setting the stage for the subsequent phases of her journey toward auditory sensation.

Four weeks post-surgery, Hania reached another significant milestone as the external component of the Cochlear Implant was successfully installed. Simultaneously, her dedicated journey through speech therapy sessions commenced, playing a pivotal role in her adaptation to the world of sound.

The success achieved in Hania’s journey wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible support of compassionate donors. Their generosity not only provided financial assistance but also acted as a beacon of hope, fueling Hania’s family with the strength and optimism needed for this transformative journey.

Hania Fayyaz’s narrative epitomizes the convergence of medical advancements, unwavering resolve, and the kindness of donors. Her resilience, coupled with the expertise of Dr. Jawwad Ahmed and the invaluable support from donors, has laid the groundwork for a future where she can explore a world enriched with communication, learning, and limitless possibilities.

As Hania continues her speech therapy sessions, she stands on the threshold of a life liberated from the shackles of silence, ready to immerse herself in a world resounding with sounds—a testament to the collective efforts that have fueled her journey toward a brighter, audibly vibrant future.


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