Hareem Mohsin can Hear the World

Hareem Mohsin can Hear the World

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Hareem Mohisn Mohsin Tanveer's Story

One-year-old Hareem Mohsin and her dedicated parents embarked on a journey filled with hope, determination, and unwavering love. Hareem’s parents recently discovered the full extent of her bilateral profound hearing loss, which led them to seek medical advice for their daughter’s well-being. Fortunately, fate brought them to a turning point in their lives.

Understanding the significance of Hareem’s condition, her parents sought guidance from Dr. Kiran at Audio Medics in Lahore. With empathy and expertise, Dr. Kiran suggested computerized hearing aids as a solution to enhance Hareem’s hearing and speech perception. Despite financial constraints, Hareem’s parents recognized the immense impact that hearing aids could have on their daughter’s quality of life, and they were determined to provide her with the necessary support. They contacted Transparent Hands for financial support.

Hareem and her father visited Audio Medics with hopeful hearts. Under the careful supervision of Dr. Kiran, super-power hearing aids were skillfully fitted to Hareem’s ears on 26-10-2023. Adjusting the volume to her specific needs, Hareem was about to hear the sounds around her. 

As the world around her gradually came to life, Hareem’s eyes lit up with newfound wonder. The sounds that had eluded her for so long now reached her ears, filling her days with melodies, laughter, and the joys of life. Hareem’s parents felt overwhelming joy and gratitude witnessing their daughter’s transformation.

In this moment of happiness, Hareem’s father would like to express his deepest gratitude to Transparent Hands and the generous donors who made this life-changing opportunity possible. Their financial support meant everything to Hareem’s family, enabling them to provide their daughter with the necessary resources to thrive.

Each passing day brings Hareem’s world into full bloom, filled with the symphony of voices, the rustle of leaves, and the sound of her laughter.

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