Humaira has started using her new prosthetic leg!

Humaira has started using her new prosthetic leg!

Humaira Sarfraz

Humaira Sarfraz's Story

Humaira Sarfraz, 21 years old, underwent a terrible accident, fifteen years ago. While she was walking to her school, a bus ran over her left leg. She was shifted to a local hospital immediately, where her leg was amputated below the knee. This accident had a devastating effect on Humaira’s life as she became dependent on other people. She was presented with a ray of hope when a doctor told her that she would be able to walk with the help of a below knee prosthetic leg. HOPE Rehabilitation Center arranged for her prosthetic leg which was fixed on 11.12.2020 by Dr. Khalid Niaz Niazi. Humaria is grateful for her new leg and has already started using it.


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