Ijaz Ahmed Get Back on His Foot

Ijaz Ahmed Get Back on His Foot

Sheikh Ijaz

Sheikh Ijaz Ahmad's Story

Sheikh Ijaz Ahmed, a 64-year-old patient from Lahore, is facing a critical situation due to a diabetic foot condition that has led to a spreading infection. Five months ago, he underwent a right below-knee amputation in an effort to save his life. However, the financial burden of his medical expenses has become overwhelming.

Sheikh Ijaz, a diabetic patient, found himself entirely dependent on his sons-in-law to cover his basic needs, including his medications and daily expenses. The amputation of his leg had added further challenges to his life, leaving him in a truly distressing situation. Transparent Hands took on the responsibility of Sheikh Ijaz Ahmed’s case. Under the supervision of Dr. Khalid at the Hope Rehabilitation Centre, his right below-knee prosthesis was fixed on June 3, 2024. The transformative experience was truly extraordinary, evoking a profound emotional response from Sheikh Ijaz.

The right leg prosthesis was a turning point in his life, aiding him in fulfilling his duties with newfound ease and efficiency. Before receiving the prosthetic leg, his physical limitations had hindered his ability to work effectively and provide for his family. He often relied on the assistance of others, compromising his independence and placing additional strain on those around him.

However, with the aid of the leg prosthesis, Sheikh Ijaz regained the ability to move freely and independently. He could now navigate his daily tasks with greater ease, reducing the burden on his family members and reclaiming his sense of self-reliance.

Sheikh Ijaz’s gratitude towards the compassionate donors who made this incredible transformation possible was indescribable. He found himself at a loss for words, overwhelmed by a deep sense of appreciation. The prosthetic leg had not only restored his physical mobility but also rekindled his dignity and self-worth. Sheikh Ijaz’s story inspires hope and highlights the profound difference that organizations like Transparent Hands can make in empowering those in need.

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