Jan Muhammad’s Pyelolithotomy was Successful

Jan Muhammad’s Pyelolithotomy was Successful

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Jan Muhammad 's Story

Jan Muhammad, a 48-year-old resident of Ghotki, had been suffering abdominal pain for the last three months. He went to a local hospital. Initially, the doctor prescribed some painkillers and asked him to go for an ultrasound test. After the ultrasound report, he was diagnosed with renal stones in his right kidney. The doctor advised Jan Muhammad to undergo a pyelolithotomy. However, his financial situation prevents him from paying for the surgery. He contacted Transparent Hands for financial help.

He was admitted to Lala Medical Complex, Rahim Yar Khan, where Dr. Noor performed his operation on 6-04-2023. The stones were removed from his right kidney. Inside the hospital, Jan Muhammad found not only skilled doctors and nurses but also people who cared about him and understood his situation. The journey that lay ahead was not an easy one, but the specialized care he received from Dr. Noor and the medical staff ensured his comfort and well-being. He was discharged after two days in the hospital.

The pain that had been with him every time he woke up was finally gone. Following surgery, he received the necessary post-operative care and attention from the medical team for a speedy recovery. 

Jan Muhammad’s health was deteriorating as a result of excruciating kidney stones that hampered his well-being. The removal of these stones became critical to his recovery and quality of life. Transparent Hands and generous donors came to the rescue, providing a lifeline of compassionate care. With the support of all donors, he underwent a successful surgery that lifted the weight of pain from his weary shoulders. He feels reborn and is full of gratitude for the gift of life. Fate led him to Transparent Hands, which ultimately improved his health, and their help has become a symbol of hope and compassion in his mind and heart.

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