Kalsoom’s renal stones were removed

Kalsoom’s renal stones were removed


Kalsoom Allah Ditta's Story

Kalsoom, aged 22 years, experienced recurrent episodes of abdominal pain in her left lumber region for the past nine years. More recently, she noticed that her frequency of urination had increased and she felt a strong burning sensation during urination. When she consulted a local doctor, she was diagnosed with renal stones in her left kidney (staghorn calculous). The doctor advised surgical intervention for the removal of these stones. For this purpose, Kalsoom was admitted to Lala Medical Complex and her pyelolithotomy was performed by Dr. S.R Balouch on 29.05.2021. Her renal stones were removed and a DJ stent was also placed. She stayed in the hospital for two days and was discharged in a stable condition. Kalsoom feels much better after the removal of her kidney stones.



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