Khadam had two chemotherapy sessions.

Khadam had two chemotherapy sessions.

khadam Hussain

Khadam Hussain's Story

Khadam Hussain, aged 47 years, experienced unexplained drastic weight loss and frequent episodes of fever. There were multiple swellings on his body as well. He visited many hospitals despite his limited budget and was ultimately diagnosed with B cell lymphoma. It is a kind of blood cancer that prevails in lymph nodes. Initially, for five months, he was treated in MINAR Hospital Multan. However since he could not bear the expenses anymore, he got himself registered with the Transparent Hands team. With our support, he underwent two chemotherapy sessions at Life Hospital on 28.05.2021 and 21.06.2021 under the supervision of Dr. Imtiaz Randhawa. During the chemotherapy sessions, his hospital stay was two days. Khadam is optimistic regarding his treatment and is grateful to the TH team for their support.

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