Khadija Bibi’s Colostomy Was Successful

Khadija Bibi’s Colostomy Was Successful

Khadija Bibi’s Colostomy

Khadija Bibi's Story

Seven-year-old Khadija Bibi, a resident of Kasur, was suffering from abnormal communication of her back passage with the genital tract since birth and was diagnosed with RectoVestibular Fistula. The doctor advised staged surgery, colostomy, PSARP, and then colostomy reversal to correct this defect. She needed to undergo the first stage of her surgery: colostomy. For this purpose, Khadija Bibi was admitted to Ittefaq Hospital where her surgery was performed successfully by Dr. Daud on 27.04.2022. She stayed in the hospital for four days and was discharged in a stable condition.

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