Mafiya’s Umbilical Hernia repaired.

Mafiya’s Umbilical Hernia repaired.

Mafiya Basharat

Mafiya Basharat's Story

Six years old Mafiya Basharat was suffering from a painfu lump in umbilical region since birth. She was diagnosed with Umbilical Hernia after being taken for a consultation. After the diagnosis, her parents were advised to get Mafiya’s Umbilical Hernia Repaired. Hence, Mafiya’s surgery was arranged in Lahore Care Hospital. Dr. Sajjid Nayyar performed her surgery on 14-09-2021. Mafiya’s umbilical hernia has been repaired. She was discharged the following day in a satisfactory condition. Mafiya has been cured and looks forward to a bright future.


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