Manha Aqeel’s Cochlear Implant Surgery was Successful

Manha Aqeel’s Cochlear Implant Surgery was Successful

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Manha Aqeel Aqeel Zada's Story

Manha Aqeel, a two-year-old girl from Swat, was born without the ability to hear. Concerned about their daughter’s lack of response to sound, her parents sought medical advice when she turned one. After undergoing a series of tests, the doctor delivered the heartbreaking news: Manha had sensorineural hearing loss. However, there was hope in the form of cochlear implant surgery, which could potentially restore her hearing and allow her to experience the world of sound. The only hurdle was the high cost of the surgery, which seemed impossible for her financially constrained-family.

Fortunately, fate intervened when Manha’s parents heard about Transparent Hands through a relative. They reached out to us, hoping for a ray of hope. We are dedicated to providing medical assistance to those in need.

With our support, Manha was admitted to Ali Medical Center, Islamabad. Dr. Jawad, a skilled surgeon, performed the cochlear implant surgery on 23-08-2023. With precision and expertise, he successfully implanted the internal component, setting a significant milestone in Manha’s life. The surgery would enable her to hear and bring an end to her world of silence.

Just one day after the surgery, Manha was discharged from the hospital, filled with renewed hope and a sense of wonder. In the following weeks, the external component of the cochlear implant was carefully fitted, and Manha began a series of speech therapy sessions. Under the guidance of dedicated speech therapists, she started her journey to develop her language and communication skills. Slowly but surely, she started responding to her parents’ voices, forming her own words, and expressing her love and connection with her loved ones.

Every sound she now heard was a cause for celebration for the generosity of the donors who made this transformation possible. Their kindness and compassion had given Manha the priceless ability to hear, setting her on a path to a brighter future.


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