Marwa Bibi can Comprehend the Sound

Marwa Bibi can Comprehend the Sound

Marwa Bibi

Marwa Bibi's Story

Five-year-old Marwa Bibi, a resident of Swat, was born with a profound hearing impairment that rendered her unable to perceive sound. Concerned about their daughter’s condition, Marwa’s parents sought medical advice when she turned one year old. Following a series of comprehensive tests, the attending physician diagnosed her with sensorineural hearing loss, a condition that affects the inner ear’s ability to transmit sound signals to the brain. To restore Marwa’s hearing, the doctor recommended cochlear implant surgery, a remarkable medical intervention that could enable her to experience the vibrant world of sound. This implant consists of two components: an internal device that is surgically implanted near the ear and an external component that is installed a few weeks after the initial procedure.

Marwa resides in a joint family comprising twelve members, and her father is a daily wage earner, earning a modest salary of PKR 21,000 per month. Given their limited financial means, her family found themselves unable to bear the substantial costs associated with the cochlear implant surgery. However, they were fortunate to learn about Transparent Hands through a relative. 

Marwa’s parents promptly reached out to Transparent Hands for assistance, and as a result, she was admitted to Ali Medical Complex in Islamabad, where Dr. Jawwad Ahmed, a highly skilled surgeon, performed the crucial surgical procedure on 2nd October 2023. The internal component of the cochlear implant was successfully implanted, and Marwa was discharged after a brief hospital stay.

Following a requisite waiting period of six weeks, the external component of the cochlear implant was seamlessly installed, marking a significant milestone in Marwa’s journey toward auditory rehabilitation. Subsequently, Marwa commenced ongoing speech therapy sessions, aimed at nurturing her ability to comprehend and communicate through sound.

With each dedicated therapy session, Marwa edges closer to embracing the world of sounds. She and her family express their profound gratitude to Transparent Hands and all the generous donors who have played a pivotal role in facilitating Marwa’s transformational voyage toward a more normal and fulfilling life.


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