Mohammad Dolal’s kidney stone was successfully removed

Mohammad Dolal’s kidney stone was successfully removed

Muhammad Dolal

Muhammad Dolal's Story

Sixty-five years old Mohammad Dolal from Lahore, was suffering from pain in his right flank for the last two months. After going to a nearby doctor he was advised to get some tests done. Upon test results, he was diagnosed with Distal Ureteric Stone in his left kidney. Since the procedure was costly, he couldn’t afford it. His son’s friend told Dolal about Transparent Hands. He came to us for help and we are always ready to help anyone in need. Hence, Mohammad Dolal was sent to Akram Medical Complex and had his Left URS procedure along with Lithotripsy was performed and DJ stent was placed on the left side on 26-08-21 by Dr. Shah Jahan. He was seen progressing well and was discharged the following day in satisfactory condition. Dolal is now living a life free of pain

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