Muhammad Anwar’s Angioplasty was Successfully Performed

Muhammad Anwar’s Angioplasty was Successfully Performed

Muhammad Anwar

Muhammad Anwar's Story

Muhammad Anwar, a 58-year-old resident of Rahim Yar Khan, had been enduring repeated chest pains and breathing difficulties for the last two years. He was admitted to a public hospital and given symptomatic treatment. After re-evaluation, the doctor advised him to undergo Angiography. His angiography report indicated that he had blockage of his coronary artery and he was advised to undergo Angioplasty + PCI. For this purpose, he was sent to the United Hospital, Karachi. His procedure was carried out by Dr. Ghulam on 13-12-2021. Two PCI stents were placed in his LAD and RCA with DES to open up his blocked Artery. Muhammad Anwar was discharged the following day in satisfactory condition.

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