Muhammad Iqbal’s orthopedic surgery went well

Muhammad Iqbal’s orthopedic surgery went well

Muhammad iqbal

Muhammad Iqbal's Story

Muhammad Iqbal, 40 years old, had an unfortunate accident in which his right leg broke above the knee. His femur fracture was treated with an intramedullary nail which resulted in an infective non-union. Iqbal started feeling excruciating pain in his leg again and on further consultation, he was advised nail removal and application of Ilizarov apparatus. For this purpose, he was admitted in Lahore Care hospital and the procedure was performed by Dr. Abdul Latif Shahid on 08.10.2020. Iqbal stayed in the hospital for two days. His femur was fixed with this fixator and he was discharged in a stable condition. He is recovering slowly and is feeling better now.

“The doctor has finally removed the nail in my leg. I have taken ample rest after my surgery and have even learnt to walk with the Ilizarov frame.”– Muhammad Iqbal


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