Muhammad Sultan’s Bracka-1 has given him hope

Muhammad Sultan’s Bracka-1 has given him hope

Muhammad Sultan

Muhammad Sultan's Story

Muhammad Sultan, aged 5 years, suffers from congenital penoscrotal hypospadias. This is a condition in which a baby’s urethra is located where the penis & scrotum meets. Sultan’s condition requires urethral reconstruction, and the surgical procedure that can achieve this goal is known as Bracka repair done in 2 stages. For this purpose, he was admitted to Akram Medical Complex, where his Bracka-1 was performed by Dr. Bilal Mirza on 05.07.2021. He was discharged from the hospital in a satisfactory condition after five days of stay. Muhammad Sultan is looking forward to healing so he can be ready for the second procedure, after which he will be able to live a normal life.

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