Mursaleen had a successful cochlear implant surgery

Mursaleen had a successful cochlear implant surgery

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Muhammad Mursaleen 's Story

Muhammad Mursaleen, a four-year-old boy from Qila Saifullah, was born deaf. His parents discovered his hearing impairment when he was one year old and took him to the hospital for evaluation. After a thorough examination and diagnostic procedures, the doctor diagnosed him with sensorineural hearing loss.

To help Mursaleen regain his ability to hear, the doctor recommended cochlear implant surgery. This procedure involves two parts: a surgical implant placed near the ear and an external component that is attached a few weeks later. Unfortunately, Mursaleen’s parents couldn’t afford the cost of the surgery due to financial constraints. However, they heard about Transparent Hands through word of mouth and reached out for registration. Thanks to the generosity of donors, Mursaleen was given the opportunity to undergo cochlear implant surgery and restore his hearing.

He was admitted to Ali Medical Centre, Islamabad, where Dr. Jawwad successfully performed his surgery on 21-06-2023. With great skill and expertise, Dr. Jawwad successfully implanted the internal component, marking an important milestone in Mursaleen’s journey toward hearing restoration. He was discharged from the hospital after a one-day stay.

Mursaleen’s path to full hearing recovery began gradually. After a few weeks, the external component of the cochlear implant was implanted by a skilled doctor. Through subsequent sessions of speech therapy, Mursaleen underwent a transformative process, learning to perceive and process sounds.

Throughout the speech therapy sessions, Mursaleen received dedicated support and guidance from a proficient speech therapist. This support helped him develop his language and communication skills.

Now equipped with the cochlear implant, Mursaleen experiences a newfound ability to actively participate in conversations and engage in social gatherings with increased comfort. The life-changing surgery was made financially accessible for Mursaleen and his family thanks to the invaluable contributions and unwavering support of compassionate donors.


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